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TNT: A Dramatic Surprise and a Letdown

TNT Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg) hit it big with A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square (43 million views), which was a featured case study in The Viral Video Manifesto  and our pick for the best branded viral video of 2012. Now, TNT Benelux is back with A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day, and unfortunately, it misses the mark in a few important ways. While it still has many things going for it, and it’s generated 6.8 million views, it fails to capture what was so special about its predecessor.

Here are the two videos:

The original
The sequel

An Ice-Cold Day makes many of the same mistakes T-Mobile made with The T-Mobile Welcome Back (13 million views). Although Welcome Back also had its strengths, it failed to score as high as their previous effort, The T-Mobile Dance (37 million views), because of over-production and subtle aggression toward passersby. For an in-depth case study of The T-Mobile Welcome Back, check out our book, The Viral Video Manifesto.

Now, let’s look at how An Ice-Cold Day compares to A Quiet Square on the four rules.

Rule One: Be True.

Like A Quiet Square, this video is classic Candid Camera. Both videos stage an elaborate scenario to, ideally, delight the people who wander into their traps. While both videos are a bit overproduced, A Quiet Square has fewer camera angles that feel more like hidden cameras, whereas An Ice-Cold Day has cameras that zoom around and make this feel more like a TV commercial. For viral video, simpler is better.

An Ice-Cold Day also has many video effects, like slow-motion and blurred circular frames (as if we’re looking through a gunsight), that, again, makes this more produced and less true. Key to the success of A Quiet Square was that it was TV drama stereotypes recreated in real life with a filming style that remained (mostly) true and unobtrusive. An Ice-Cold Day has TV drama stereotypes seen through a filter of…TV production stereotypes. This overproduction distances us from the action and makes it less involving and consequently less contagious.

Rule Two: Don’t Waste My Time.

No problems here. Like it’s predecessor, it has minimum set up, maximum payoff. It introduces the concept and gets right down to business.

Rule Three: Be Unforgettable.

Here, the video is directly competing with its predecessor. As with all sequels, the pressure is on to top what’s been done before. In general, An Ice-Cold Day is louder but not more satisfying. It has plenty of guns and explosions, but more interesting are the clever twists like the guy descending on wires from above and an Elvis impersonator showing up, guns blazing. Those kinds of surprises are what make both videos unforgettable, and it would have helped if this video had delivered a few more of them.

Rule Four: It’s All About Humanity.

This is where the video falls short in an interesting way. Candid Camera-style videos are at their best when showing us joyful human reactions. It’s active, positive emotions, after all, that are most contagious. But this video is consistently more aggressive and less fun for the participants than the previous video. There’s an important rule in theater: if you get a volunteer up on stage, always treat him or her well. The audience sees the volunteer as their representative. If you are mean to your volunteer, it doesn’t build positive emotion and trust with your audience.

An Ice-Cold Day isn’t so nice to its volunteers.

Sometimes subtle, sometimes not, this is a pervasive and critical failing of the video. It begins by literally putting the volunteers in the crosshairs of a gunsight. That’s representative of the attitude throughout.

The first thing that happens after they choose yellow or blue is someone getting shot right next to them. In A Quiet Square, gunfire doesn’t erupt until 1:09, when everyone is ready for something like that, and even then, it’s less graphic and farther away.

Next, the volunteer is dragged into a van and driven away at top speed. Some people may be okay with that, but it’s a violent thing to do to someone. We wouldn’t blame someone for reacting quite violently in response, and the mere possibility of that violence erodes the trust between the video creators and the audience.

Quite simply, if we are worried about people’s safety, if they look scared, or if we’re wondering why they aren’t freaking out, we’re not smiling. And to get us sharing, you want to get us smiling. This video will make some people smile, but it makes us subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) uncomfortable.

The original video, A Quiet Square, has almost none of these concerns. It is far more considerate to people who press the button, which makes it more fun for people watching and, consequently, more contagious.

So in the end, while A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day has some great moments, its production techniques are more flashy TV-style and less simple Internet-style. That creates an emotional distance. Plus the video consistently has a more aggressive attitude toward the people who push the button. All of this, unfortunately, makes it less contagious than the original, A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square.

With fewer camera angles, simpler production values, and a more considerate attitude focused on bringing out joyful reactions from the people who push the button, A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day could have been a much bigger success.

EepyBird’s Top 10 Branded Viral Videos of 2012

Looking for our picks for the top 10 overall viral videos of 2012? Click here.

Viral video is about more than people just falling and hurting themselves. It’s become a powerful way for brands to create an emotional connection with consumers. Most importantly, as more and more traditional ads just get ignored, viral video is a way you can make ads people want to watch.

A lot of successful branded viral videos, like our Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments and the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car, integrate the product into the video.  Others, like our #1 pick this year, connect to the brand on a thematic level and put the brand messaging at the end. It’s as if the video is a gift, and at the end, there’s a little card saying, “from the friendly folks at TNT.” It’s simple and powerful.

These 10 videos show just how great a video can be while simultaneously forging a strong connection with consumers, and the top 3 also made our list of the best overall viral videos of 2012.

These videos also illustrate our four rules of viral video from The Viral Video Manifesto, with different videos having different strengths that helped make them contagious.  One overall weakness of these branded videos: Rule 1: Be True.  They tend to be over-produced and dress things up more than is needed.  Only a few of these videos keep it as simple as possible and get the maximum contagiousness from Rule 1.

Without further ado, here are our personal picks for the best branded viral videos of the year:

1. A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

TNT Belgium, 39 million views
“A Dramatic Surprise” is our choice for the #1 sponsored video of the year, brought to you by TNT Belgium.  Built around the phrase “Add More Drama,” this video does an amazing job of creating a strong, positive emotional connection.  And the brand presence is clear but never in the way.  Of all the Candid Camera-style videos out there, this is one of the absolute best.  Strength: This video does a remarkable job with all four rules.

2. Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights

Red Bull, 30 million views
Red Bull tapped into the powerful draw of the biggest, wildest stunt of the year, turning this 21st century sideshow moment into great viral content.  Strength: Rule 3: Be Unforgettable.

3. Dumb Ways to Die

Melbourne Metro Trains, 32 million views
Melbourne Metro Trains dared to be different, and it paid off.  This is a catchy, quirky song with simple, compelling animation.  Both the song and the ideas stick in your head and are very contagious.  Strength: Music and Rule 3: Be Unforgettable (especially as discussed in Chapter 13 of the VVM: Be Bold Enough to Be Unforgettable).


DC Shoes, 36 million views
We are once again frustrated by the over-produced camera work of the Gymkhana series and think they could be even more successful with a simpler, more viral filming style.  But the stunts continue to be insane, and that’s their strength.  Once again, it’s the 21st century sideshow in action.  Strength: Rule 3: Be Unforgettable (especially as discussed in Chapter 11 of the VVM: Own It).

5. The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser

Volkswagen, 18 million views
Following the runaway success of last year’s “The Force,” Volkswagen put out this teaser for their ad during this year’s Super Bowl, “The Dog Strikes Back.”  While “The Bark Side” presumably uses digital compositing, it’s a simpler, more contagious video with more views online than “The Dog Strikes Back.”  It shows how, while “The Dog Strikes Back” was a great TV spot, simpler production techniques and a clearer hook work better online. Strengths: Rule 3: Be Unforgettable (especially as discussed in Chapter 10 of the VVM: Do Something Different).

6. OK Go – Needing/Getting – Official Video

Chevrolet, 23 million views
OK Go returns with a phenomenal video for Chevrolet creating music by driving through a giant musical instrument. Once again, OK Go shows they have a great understanding of viral video techniques.  Strength: This video does a great job with all four rules.

7. The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge

Red Bull, 12 million views
Red Bull makes two appearances on this year’s list.  At number 7, this video has some great strengths and also some weaknesses. A giant Rube Goldberg machine incorporating great athletes is a phenomenal idea, and that gives this video a contagious hook. But with too many camera moves and coming in at a lazy 6 minutes long, it lacks the punch that would have moved it higher up the list.  Strength: Rule 3: Be Unforgettable; Weakness: Rule 2: Don’t Waste My Time.

8. The Big Bang Theory Flash mob!

Big Bang Theory (CBS), 21 million views
One of the memes of the year was “Call Me Maybe” lip dub videos, with the Harvard baseball team, the U.S. Olympic swimming team, and the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders all getting 10 to 20 million views, not to mention spoofs like Sesame Street’s “Share It Maybe.”  One of the most viewed is our #8 pick from CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.”  It’s also one of the simplest, showing members of the cast and crew letting their hair down and having a good time. That simplicity makes it particularly contagious.  Strengths: tapping into a hot meme and Rule 4: It’s All About Humanity.

9. Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!

Coke Zero, 9.5 million views
Coca-Cola has a knack for good Candid Camera-style videos like “Happiness Machine” and now “Unlock the 007 in you.”  Most importantly, they create situations that make people smile – a good strategy for viral video.  Strength: Rule 4: It’s All About Humanity.

10. An Unexpected Briefing

Air New Zealand, 9.9 million views
Air New Zealand did a great job of reaching out to a specific audience, Lord of the Rings fans, in the lead up to the release of the first Hobbit movie. Showing a great sense of humor, Air New Zealand embraced those fans in a very human, non-corporate way.  That emotional connection is a powerful viral tool. Strengths: tapping into pop culture, Rule 4: It’s All About Humanity, and we really like the Lord of the Rings, and we want to go to New Zealand.

EepyBird’s Top 10 Viral Videos of 2012

The Viral Video Manifesto is in bookstores today!  To celebrate, here are our picks for the top viral videos of the year.

In the six years since our first big viral hit, The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments, online video has exploded.  Now more than 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That means that there are a lot of videos of puppies that we have to watch, but by God, somebody has to do it.

While many of our picks for the best videos of 2012 were also quite popular, these are our personal picks for the best of the best. These are the videos that exemplify viral video with strong contagious hooks.  You’ll see our four rules for viral video in action. There’s unforgettable dancing, extreme stunts, catchy music, and real emotion.  Each of these videos got us telling our friends, “You have GOT to see this!”

Here they are, from 1 to 10:

1. Psy – Gangnam Style

930 million views
Now the biggest YouTube video of all time, this was what everyone was talking about this year. Yes, it’s a music video, but it’s unabashedly, unforgettably weird and embraces Psy’s offbeat look, his humanity, to great effect.  Strengths: Music and Rule 3: Be Unforgettable.

2. Somebody that I Used to Know

140 million views
This video from Walk Off the Earth takes one of the best earworms of the year and gives it a great viral spin: five people, ten hands, all playing one guitar.  It’s great music, a great stunt, and it’s all captured in one continuous shot.  Strengths: Music and Rule 1: Be True.

3. A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

39 million views
The best sponsored video of the year (brought to you by TNT Belgium) is one of the case studies we discuss in The Viral Video Manifesto.  This phenomenal video is Candid Camera taken to new heights, showing both unforgettable events and people’s amazed reactions.  Strengths: This video does a remarkable job with all four rules.

4. Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

51 million views
While “A Dramatic Surprise” made it’s Candid Camera victims smile, this one makes them scream. It’s a dangerous game to play, but it’s undeniably unforgettable.  Strength: Rule 3: Be Unforgettable.

5. Isaac’s Live Lip Dub Proposal

17 million views
Here are two contagious favorites put together: a lip dub and an elaborate marriage proposal.  This video showcases the strong, positive emotion that’s a consistent indicator for viral potential. Strength: Rule 4: It’s All About Humanity.

6. Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights

30 million views
It was the biggest, craziest stunt of the year: jumping from the edge of space.  This is the 21st century sideshow in action.  Strength: Rule 3: Be Unforgettable.

7. Dumb Ways to Die

32 million views
Do something different.  This catchy animated music video from Melbourne Metro Trains shows the power of a novelty song combined with simple visuals.  Strength: Music and Rule 3: Be Unforgettable (especially as discussed in Chapter 10 of the VVM: Do Something Different).

8. Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

7.9 million views
One of our favorite viral video creators, Matt Harding, returns with another dancing video that once again shows the power of simple humanity.  It’s one of the most emotionally powerful videos of the year.  Strengths: Matt really understands all four rules, but Rule 4: It’s All About Humanity, is what makes his videos so amazing.

9. A Conversation with my 12 Year Old Self

9 million views
Surprisingly, while we had never met him, this guy comes from the same performing arts school that we do, Celebration Barn Theater, here in Maine.  Jeremiah McDonald turned a video that he took when he was 12 into an amazing conversation, 20 years later.  Strength: Rule 1: Be True.

10. Catch the Ice Dude

22 million views
No list of the top viral videos of the year would be complete without at least one video of someone hurting himself.  Here it is.  Strength: Rule 4: It’s All About Humanity (especially as discussed in Chapter 14 of the VVM: Give Me the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat)

One video that didn’t make our list is KONY 2012, another case study we discuss at length in The Viral Video Manifesto.

94 million views
This is one of the most viewed videos of the year, dubbed by some the most viral video of all time, given how quickly it spread.  While it’s a remarkable video, we find it manipulative. It uses fear and propaganda techniques in ways that gloss over important issues and real solutions. For that reason, it didn’t make our list of the best viral videos of 2012.

Coming soon: our picks for the Top 10 Branded Viral Videos of 2012.