Excerpt from the Viral Video Manifesto: I Am the Camera. Take Me There.

LipdubTV and film production relies on fancy camera tricks and quick cuts to hold a viewer’s attention. This is precisely what doesn’t work in viral video. In viral video, you want to show us something real, and you don’t want anything to get in the way. This week, we’re pleased to offer you an excerpt on this topic from The Viral Video Manifesto called “I Am the Camera. Take Me There.”

In viral video, you should move the camera as if it is a person, as if it is your audience. It’s a simple idea and a great guiding principle. In the chapter below, we offer examples of videos that have successfully used this idea in different ways. Some use a single, uninterrupted shot, and others have cuts from one money shot to the next. But by applying this idea, the result is true, unfiltered and, consequently, highly contagious content.