Chapter 15: Show Humanity, Not Perfection

Numa Numa (2004)
This simple lip-synch video is one of the biggest viral videos of all time.

Star Wars Kid (Original version: 2002)

This video of an imitation of a lightsaber battle was both contagious and subject to a lot of ridicule.  But for a lot of us, we can recognize something of ourselves in that awkward kid pretending to be a Jedi.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance (2009)
Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz are about to get married, but first, their whole wedding party comes dancing down the aisle.

Where the Hell is Matt? 2008 (2008)

Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply (2006)
Judson Laipply goes through the history of dance from Elvis to Jay-Z in 6 minutes.

Where the Hell is Matt? 2006 (2006)

OK Go – A Million Ways (2005)
OK Go’s first video, from back in 2005, featuring them dancing in the backyard.

Free Hugs Campaign – Official Page (music by Sick ) (2006)
Juan Mann goes out and offers real people on the street free hugs.

Dave Matthews Band – Everyday (Original version: 2001)
This Dave Matthews Band video seems to have launched the free hugs phenomenon.

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